Partnership with the DisCos is key in Mass Metering Project – Engr. Emmanuel Ndubuisi

NERC aims to close the electricty metering gap in three years. In an interview with Emmanuel Ndubuisi, CEO of Meron Nigeria, he was asked how feasible the plan to close the gap in three years was. He replied that the plan was feasible, provided  that adequate funding would be made available . He also expressed that if customers pay the upfront price of N36,995, it would also go a long way in ensuring the plan moves along the set timeline.

When asked if there would be interfacing with customers,  he replied saying that sensitization would have to be done to pass information about the scheme in order for them to be brought up to speed with the program.  He expressed that customers would need to be enlightened on the movement in order for things to move according to plan.

He also mentioned that there would be an alliance with the DisCos to enable the plan move forward quickly.  He mentioned that the partnership with the DisCos would be key in making the customers pay upfront for the meters.

When asked what the Metering Charge stands for, he replied that the customer would be paying for the cost of energy than what was consumed. He added that this was for those who would not be able to pay the upfront price of N36,995, and so would have to pay extra when paying in monthly installments spread over a period of ten years. However, if payment is done upfront, the service charge would not apply.