Company Profile

MERON NIGERIA LIMITED was founded out of a passion to bridge the gap in the provision of Technical Support Service to the utility companies and other users of meters for the purpose of energy measurement, control and management.

Our company have been registered under CLASS A1 the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and Electricity Management Services Limited (EMS) to carry out INSTALLATION OF ALL TYPES OF METERS services in Nigeria.


The privatization of the power sector presents a unique opportunity in our niche market for significant growth and expansion of our services and products within Nigeria as well as the sub-region.

Meron has strategically positioned itself to maximise the opportunity presented these changes via a partnership with AMITE ZHEJIANG NEW ENERGY, YUTAI LI NIG. LTD, Landys+Gyr, the worlds leading metering solutions company and Toshiba Transmission and Distribution another Global leader in the energy sector.


The key concern for utility companies around the world is what is termed “TECHNICAL LOSS”. Simply put “Technical loss” is the revenue lost due to inadequate measurement of energy generated, transmitted, distributed and sold. MERON has the technology and capacity through our technical partners to supply, install and maintain meters of different sizes and for diverse purposes.

MERON has just been awarded a contract for supply and installation of 250,000 meters the Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc. (AEDC). It has also received a no objection certificate from Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). MERON is among the approved 22 firms to takeover meter distribution from DisCos under the MAP scheme.

The MERON Consortium (MERON) have supplied over 8.5 million meters with significant delivery focus in the emerging markets of Nigeria, Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Vietnam. Their credibility, experience, technical and financial capability in mass metering projects in Nigeria and other emerging markets position MERON as one of the key drivers of the Nigerian power sector’s path to recovery and sustainable viability.