Introducing Meron Meters

As a licensed Meter Asset Provider (MAP) under the regulation of NERC, we are fully committed to the Federal Government’s effort to further bridge the country’s metering gap and also cushion the effect of the Service Reflective Tariff on electricity consumers in Nigeria.

In view of this, we worked tirelessly with our local and international partners to design our customized Meron Meters, which meets the requirements of our partner DisCos across the country.

Our primary objective is to work closely with our partner DisCos on the National Mass Metering Program which is to increase the metering rate in the country and close the gap of unmetered customers.

Part of the objectives also includes the elimination of arbitrary estimated billing, improving network monitoring capability, and provision of data for market administration and investment decision-making.

All meters have been tested and certified Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA).

Once again, Meron Nigeria Ltd wishes to restate its commitment to bridging the metering gap working closely with our partners and stakeholders across the country.

Thank you for your continued support